Meet author Palvi Sharma!

Author Palvi Sharma visits the blog today to tell us about her spooky book, AADITA. This super creepy sounding book is available now on Amazon Kindle. Support indie authors and small publishing houses by finding your new favorite author and sharing their book with friends. Read on to for details on AADITA...


Meet author Tia Didmon!

I love meeting and chatting with new authors with my AMAZING publisher, Solstice Publishing. Meet author, Tia Didmon who wrote VIRGIN MATE. (Check out this sexy cover, would ya?) Get to know her new series and skip to the bottom to get all the details on her and her book. 

Calling all authors!

Hey authors - I'm dusting off my poor little unattended blog and I'm looking for authors of fantasy/supernatural novels to host! Do you want to spread the word about your new release? If so, email me at and I'll send you the questions and required information. 

It's such a thrill to help other authors spread the word about their books and I have some FABULOUS readers who are always looking for new reads!

Writers Workout

Guys, I get it. We love to sit with our laptop and play on the internet write our books. Hours of plotting stories, writing words, and promotions keep us rather sedentary. It isn't healthy guys.  Sitting in front of a computer screen for hours on end promotes inactivity that can lead to a bottomless pit of health issues. Which, in turn, keeps us from writing our stories. Crazy loop, right?