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Author spotlight with Vicki Ann Bush!

Jesse Marshall and her friends just wanted a weekend getaway. After four years of college, cramming sessions, late night book vigils and the epiphany of finally knowing what you want to do with your life—or not, they needed a few days to let go and relax. Forty-five minutes away from their home town of Las Vegas, Primm Nevada, was close enough for their limited schedule and a few days of celebration.

A Harem Boy's Saga - A TRUE erotic tale!

For a second time, I'm hosting the delightful and oh-so-tantalizing, Young, author of the Harem Boy's Saga series.  These books are a true telling of Young's life. I've read them and LOVE them.  It's a lot like reading Anne Rice's Beauty series.  It's shocking but beautiful in it's own way.  So, I bring to you a Q & A with my beloved friend.  Leave a comment to let us know you stopped by!