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Friend and Guest Author Spotlight - Bernard Foong (alias Young)

Recently, my friend (and fellow Solstice Publishing author) Bernard Foong (alias Young) released the first few books in his A Harem Boy series.  They are his memoirs that  tell the true story of his life of privilege, wealth, and erotic escapades after he was inducted into a secret society to become a Harem Boy. Below you'll see the sexy book covers with a synopsis of each, along with Foong's impressive resume as a fashion designer. Bernard has real reasons for putting these books out now. Here's why in his own words:

Magick on the Go!

I'm moving this summer.  My husband is an active duty Soldier and the Army is moving us to Fort Lewis in Washington State.  We're all pretty excited about the change of scenery and the move itself.  I'm looking forward to having city life available to me, as much as I love the country, I yearn for museums and the hustle and bustle of cities. Where we're going, there's an amazing mix of nature and urban living.