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Street Teams & Secret Societies


Do you know what a Street Team is? It was originally meant for underground bands to spread the word about their next gig, album or upcoming concert.  The trend has slowly migrated into other realms of the entertainment industry. Authors now have Street Teams as well. At first, I wondered at this phenomenon and watched as others boasted about their Teams. What was the point? I wondered to myself...

The cover for DECKER is here!

Here he is... Everyone meet Decker!

DECKER is a companion novel to the Earth's Magick series and it's all about everyone's favorite snarky warrior. His life has been full of adventure, travel, heartbreak and intrigue. In DECKER, he sits down with Wyatt and tells his story, a bit reluctantly at first. Readers will get to know him very well indeed.  The artwork was done by the fabulously talented Dustin Compton from