The Earth's Magick Book 1 ~Earth~

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Earth's Magick Book 1 ~Earth~  Mela Malone lives in Trinity Hills, TX and has a pretty normal life. Until, that is, supernatural beings invade her dreams and become a very real threat. Witches, monsters, angels, Voodoo and The Old Gods change Mela's life forever. Grab your copy on Amazon , Barnes & Noble or The Book Depository. The Earth's Magick series is published by Solstice Publishing.


Decker - A companion novel to the Earth's Magick series

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Decker became a serious fan favorite with Earth's Magick readers. The snarky warrior won over Mela's heart and takes his much deserved place in the spotlight with his very own book all about his 2,000 year life. Full of action, adventure, heartbreak and hilarity, fans of the series will get to know Decker in a whole new way. You can buy it on Amazon HERE. Or Barnes & Noble HERE. For FREE worldwide shipping you can buy it from the Book Depository HERE.


Earth's Magick Book 2 ~Water~

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Mela's story continues in the second book in the Earth's Magick series.

 Mela Malone is one of the most powerful Witches in Texas. While learning how to defeat Evil using magick, and a sword, the unexpected departure of two of her closest friends disrupts the balance of her world. Meanwhile, a new threat comes to Trinity Hills, Texas that puts even the innocent townspeople in danger.  Mela must step up and defend, not only those she loves, but the entire town. Both old and new friends bring additional complications into her chaotic life...especially since one of them is a handsome Witch on a mission of his own. 

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Mel's first horror short story published  by Solstice Publishing tells a fast paced, spooky tale of Lisa's weekend home alone. When the lights go out and she's all alone, Lisa finds out what's really hiding in the shadows. You can grab an e-book copy of Getaway on Amazon.


Servant Of The Blood

The Servant of the Blood, Allatu, will always come when called and has for generations. She will fulfill wishes - for a price. Set in Tunisia, an ancient creature is called to do her master's bidding but nothing comes without a price.

Available in pocket paperback and E-Book

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