A Sneak Peek at Earth's Magick Book 2 ~Water~

I fiddled around about posting this or not. But, for those waiting for book 2, please know I'm working on it as fast as my little fingers will allow me.  I've had a lot of fun getting to know Vasha in this book. He's a true breath of fresh air!  I spoke with members of my AMAZING street team and they voted for me to post a snippet of book 2, as long as it didn't give anything away. So here it is.... a sneak peek at EARTH'S MAGICK Book 2 ~Water~:


Mela changed into proper workout clothes and headed out to see where Vasha was.  Happily, she saw Sammuele was no longer sitting on the couch, so Mela and Bear went out to the backyard. A quick glance around showed her Vasha must be in the shed, but she could tell Bear was anxious to run. So they did.  She ran, with her bare feet, into the grass and she tried to keep up with her four legged friend. There was no chance of it, but he seemed to enjoy her trying.  Turning around the old oak tree, Mela cut back toward the house.  She wasn't’t sure if she could manage a proper sword workout on her own, but she thought she should grab the wooden swords from the shed anyway.

            She approached the doors and hesitated. It was her shed, however, it was Vasha’s home now, wasn't’t it?  She raised her hand and knocked on the thin, wooden door.

            “Entre Vous,” Vasha’s sultry voice called to her.  No matter what he said, no matter what he did, she had to smile and laugh. What else could she do?  Poking her head inside, she saw Vasha snuggled deeply beneath pillows and fringed blankets.  He motioned for her to come in and she opened the door wider.  Bear, pushing past her, bounced into the room, claiming one of the corner pillows as if he did it all the time.  She wondered if he did do it often.

            “Sorry to bother you, Vasha, but I…” she didn’t know what to say.  He didn’t seem the fighting type to her. Would he help her train, she wondered.

            “You are normally getting hot and sweaty with my brother but he is not here….so you came to me.  Finally, alone at last.” He said, smiling his secretive smile as he spoke.  Mela let out a short laugh and rolled her eyes.  She was becoming accustomed to the sexual innuendos by now.

            “Yeah, since they left me high and dry,” she said. It came out a bit more bitchy than she’d intended.

            “Tsk tsk…Come sit, little one. I will help you train. But,” he said as he leaned in toward her, tracing a blue finger up her arm as he spoke, “I would like to teach you some of what I know.” Vasha smiled.

            “No,” Mela said and made to leave.  She adored Vasha but getting freaky with him in the shed was not what she had in mind.  He grabbed her arm and pulled her back down.

            “Such a randy little thing to think I want to devour you. I do, mind you, I would enjoy watching your toes curl and your back arch in pure bliss. But, that is not what I mean to teach you this night. Unless,” he smiled. “You’re open to the idea?” Mela shook her head firmly. “Very well. Will you listen to me? Will you learn from me?  I’m not as exciting as my brothers are, but I can be helpful, in many ways….”

            Mela settled back onto a large, purple pillow and wrapped her arms around her knees. Vasha readjusted himself so that he was laying on his side, facing her, with one arm holding his head while another held a metal pipe.  He saw her eyeing his long pipe and smiled.

            “Do you like it? It is a treasure from long forgotten days. I keep it so that I may remember….I like to remember. Unlike my brothers who wish to forget. I like my memories, the happy ones and the painful ones. You see,” he took a puff from his pipe and exhaled it. “I know a bit of magick myself.  Not like you, of course.” One of his hands batted the words away in dismissal.  “But I was taught a little. It is different, but powerful.”

            “Who taught you?” Mela’s curiosity was peeked.

            “Mages, from long ago. They rescued me…but that is a story for another time.  What I wish to tell you about is how beauty can be useful.  Seduction is also a powerful tool, but I think we’ll wait for that lesson.” He smiled when he saw the worried look on her face. “Come closer, Mela, come closer to me. I want you to see,” Mela scooted closer and Vasha made room for her on his pile of pillows.

            “What am I looking at?” she asked. Being alone with Vasha, no matter how benign the reason, made her very self-conscious.

            “Look at my skin. Beautiful, is it not?” His skin really was a gorgeous shade of blue.  “Look closely, tell me what you see.”  Mela leaned closer and wondered at the color, however, after a moment she saw them. Markings on his skin. Some were ragged lines, others swirls. They were scars.

            “Scars?” Mela flinched when her eyes adjusted to the contours of his skin. Welts of varying sizes and shapes covered his entire body.

            “Yes. Some, some were given in malice. Wounds inflicted upon me for…well…I thought I deserved them at the time. However, the ones I want to bring your attention to are these,” he lifted Mela’s hand and made her trace the swirled scars with her finger on his chest.  These were more uniform, spaced out buy inches, and they covered his entire torso, front and back.

            “What are these? There are others mixed in…what do they mean? Who did these?” Mela, no longer worried about touching Vasha, began to inspect the scars as he spoke.

            “These, the ones that look like that, those were given to me by the Mages I spoke of.  They are for protection, Little Witch.  At times, when I mean to look my best and most fierce, I trace them in paint to make them stand out. However, the Mages gave me a permanent gift of protection. They taught me how to paint the ancient symbols and what they mean.”

            “What do they protect you from?”

            “From dark magick, Mela.  I am forever protected from dark magicks by these. I can never be lied to again. Never again will I be tricked… but they also protect from certain magick that could harm, not simply fool me.”

            “If I did that, would I have the scars as well?”

            “We could, to make them more permanent. Perhaps one day you will think it best. But I have another plan.  We shall draw them on you.”

            “Draw them? With what?”

            ‘With this,” he reached behind his back and pulled out a small, glass jar filled with a black liquid.  In his other hand he held a long, dark blue feather. “It is ink. Mehndi or Henna, as you would know it.”

            “I’ve heard of that.  I’ve seen pictures of people who use it to draw on their hands and arms.” Vasha nodded and pulled the stopper from the top of the jar.

            “Yes, beauty…within beauty there is power. The symbols have meaning, depending on what is drawn. The lotus flower, the geometric shapes…all together are beautiful. The designs you see on me, although crude because they were meant to be forever, are no less powerful. And thusly, are beautiful to me.”

            “So….you want to draw on me? Right?”

            “Just so. I will show you how beauty can be a tool, Mela.  You are so conservative with yourself. With your beauty and your sexuality. It is a wonder you are from this century at all.” Mela laughed.

            “I’m really not a prude.” Vasha sat up and smiled.

            “Very well then, take off your shirt.”

            “Wait, what?”

            “I do not intend on painting your hands as you have seen the adornments on others. No. These are not for that purpose. I need the smooth skin of your back.”  Mela narrowed her eyes at him then shrugged her shoulders.

            “What the hell…” she grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her head.  Aware of his gaze on her, she turned to the side.

            “I will need your underthings gone as well.” Throwing him a look of warning, Mela unhooked her bra and covered her breasts with her hands.  Vasha motioned for her to lay down on the pillows, smiling all the while.

            Mela hugged the pillows to her chest as she felt Vasha settle in next to her.  She felt his hands caress her skin, running his long blue fingers over every curve as he did.  His hands were warm and she found herself oddly relaxed.  His warmth contrasted to the cool fabric beneath her breasts. Being alone with him made her think of Pan.  It had been a long time since she was able to see him and being in this close of quarters to Vasha made her miss him.

            “Now, it will feel very warm to you, the ink. I will be heating it on an open flame.”

            “You’re drawing it with your finger or the feather?” she asked.

            “Although my hands are quite skilled at many things, this is something a delicate feather can accomplish with far better results. Now, just relax,” when the warmth touched her skin, she was able to relax. He hadn’t realized how tense she was until she released her grip on the pillows beneath her.

            Turning her head to the side, Mela relaxed a bit more and studied the room.  It was no longer the dingy shed she handed over to him. She realized that he had made it into his home. The pillows and blankets that littered the room weren't’t the only signs of someone living here.  Trunks with intricately painted designs painted on them told her he had brought all of his worldly possessions and was now living cramped in her utility shed.  She felt the all too familiar squeeze of guilt when she thought of where he must have come from and where he was now.


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Simply amazing it draws you in & it's as though you are right there living,breathing & feeling all of the characters story separately & whole in the book! I am eagerly waiting on book two!!!!!

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I absolutely love it. Vasha is such a sexy character and hpnotizes the reader witb his sexy voice, I could just imagine his hands drawing with henna on my back and I'd let him. HE has animal magnitism down to an
art. I can't wait for this book Vasha is sexy as hell. Smooches!!!

You shouldn't have let me read that. Now you're going to be pestered <big sigh>, it's your own fault ;-)

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I want more this is way awesome

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OMG Mel this lil snippet was out standing! I can't wait to get my hands on book two!!!