2019! Woohoo!

It's 2019 and man do I have plans for this coming year! Let's start with a big one... dude, where have I been? I've been doing life things. I'm teaching dance full time and running the business alone now. (yikes) My dance school has grown and with it, more challenges and excitement. My little dancers and adult dancers have lit up the stage and I couldn't be more proud. This next year, I plan on hitting the stage myself as well so maybe someone will have pics or video for you to laugh at. VASHA was released over the summer. If you missed it, you can grab a copy HERE. I was seriously excited and a little nervous about people reading this one because Vasha is such a sexually stimulated scamp. It was pretty uncomfortable writing some of his...scenes. The fighting was fun to write though so it really balanced out by the end. So, if you want to know more about our favorite blue, four-armed, sexy lion man then go catch up now!

Okay, that's done and book three in the EARTH'S MAGICK series - Fire- is on it's way as well. I hit one hell of a writer's block. I scrapped the ending I originally planned for Mela and the backyard gang. Yup. I did that. After getting into book three, I realized the original ending wasn't right and so...back to the drawing board. 

While my subconscious works on that issue, I've started another, completely new series. It is currently unnamed. However, I do know it's high fantasy. What is that, you ask? Basically it's fantasy (magic, alternate world) that's EPIC in length and complexity. Traditionally an epic fantasy is like in medieval times or thereabouts. You know I have the magicks down but the magick in this series will be completely different but, of course, a nod to my favorite gods/goddesses. The main characters will go on an epic journey, fight epic battles, and take me on a fun trip. Flexing these writing muscles will hopefully reach new readers and entertain my current ones.

So...to kick off 2019..I'm hosting a contest! I have a signed copy of the first EARTH"S MAGICK book - Earth- for one of my lovely, magical followers. This is the one that started the journey for Mela, Wyatt, and the rest of the supernatural backyard gang. If you would like to enter the contest, you may do so on either my Twitter or on Facebook page. Tweet or post your favorite mythological God or Goddess. Extra points for a fantastic gif to go along with. :-) A winner will be chosen at random January 4th and the winner announced via Twitter and Facebook. So like, follow, retweet, share, and all that for your chance to win a free book. Because let's face it, everyone loves free shit.  Shameless request: If you've already read EARTH'S MAGICK or any of the books in the series, remember Amazon reviews are LOVE! Review then recommend to a friend!

Cheers to all of you sexy souls and here's to your New Year being as awesome as you want it to be.

- Mel