Earth's Magick merchandise

Fan of the Earths Magick series?  Many things from Mela's world will soon be available for readers to hold as they curl up with the books. For a start, the amazingly talented Scarlet's Cauldron has created a line of products exclusively for Earth's Magick readers.

Essence of Decker

The Essence of Decker was created for Mel Massey's character Decker in the Earth's Magick Series and her companion novella, Decker. Decker's scent is earthy, and he is rugged, masculine, protective and stong.Those who have read the books already know how Decker is and now they can get lost in his scent. The Essence of Decker was hand blended with patchouli, lemongrass, marjoram, cloves, a hint of dragon's blood and one more little secret. Burn this loose incense in a fire safe dish on top of a charcoal disc. - See more at:


Earth's Magick ~Earth~

Incense set

This set was designed for Author Mel Massey for her Earth's Magick Series. Earth's Magick Earth Incense- While facing North, Mela and the Gang burn this incense to ground themselves and to reconnect with Mother Earth. Earth's Magick Earth Oil- Mela uses this oil to anoint her candles and magickal tools when doing workings pertaining to prosperity, money, stability, and to bring peace to her home. Earth's Magick Earth Incense and Oil are hand blended with patchouli, mugwort and a couple other goodies. To purchase the books that go with this set, visit - See more at:

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