Gray Magick Witches

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Gray Magick Witches

For those with a foot on either side of the spectrum. This is the place to discuss all things "Gray". Most who practice this path do not adhere toThe Rule of Three. Or wait for karma. Whata re your thoughts? Are we anarchists? Are we trailblazers? Old Souls? Consider this a safe place to discuss all things "Gray".

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I thank the powers that be that I'm not white. I like being able to protect my friends; banish bad entities to whence they came from; and bibbity bobbity boo someone when they deserve it and not have to pretend do it with love.
I'm sorry I don't believe that you can deal with a spirit that has been tormenting and hurting people for years by "releasing it in love" with sincerity.
My views but the reason I'm proud to be Grey.


For the longest time, I didn't know anything about Gray Magick. It was always white or black. I didn't want to mess with black magick, but I wanted to defend myself and my family. I'm glad I found out about Gray witches. Now all I have to do is learn. That's one of the reasons I love this site. A good read and new people to talk to. Thank you Mel, for all that you do!

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