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Gray Witchcraft

I would like to hear from you - tell me what being a Gray Witch means to you, I receive this question at least once a week - so tell me your definition ...

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Being a Gray

Being a Gray means walking the line between light and dark. I do not acknowledge the so called "Reede" or any of the laws contained within it. I am a witch. My powers were bestowed upon me to use as I see fit. While there are basic principles of witchcraft, I do not adhere to the "three fold law" as Grays, we make our own "karma" and we blaze our own path. In short.. we do what we must to defend ourselves and our own!

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Gray to me

To me being a Gray witch, means embracing the shadows as well as the light. Its not all fluffy rainbows and glitter. Its about walking that balance of darkness and light. The wiccan rede is a concept I do not adhere to is someone harms me or those close to me, I will stop at no expense to defend and protect what is mine. I walk my own path and make my own "karma", I decide my life. I also feel its more about our personal power rather than relying in a god or goddess all the time. The gods dont do anything for free and unless your willing to make that sacrifice which sometimes its necessary, but most times I will call on my own will and magick rather than outside help. Thats just my personal feelings of what being a gray is.

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gray witch

to me being a gray witch means being able to handle and create beautiful magic with the light and dark... and to be able to prove that magick is not always about the dark and harming others.. tjat we can prove that light magick also exists.

It is accepting and

It is accepting and acknowledging there is more than light or dark. And studying and working with what you have and interests you and knowing what will best serve you when you need it. Everything has a place in this world. I can't say I adhere to the rede or the law of three. I have taken what I have felt, known and am and pursued knowledge and enlightenment. I believe in karma and lean more towards harming none, but there is a time and a place when harming is just what will be. We handle the balancing act of all shades and create beautiful magic, no matter what color(s) others may see it as.

Intuitive RainFire
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my answer

To me being a Gray Witch to me is to embrace all there is in the universes. To embrace light and dark that we all have and what is in between it ying and yang. To understand although sometimes we may despise certain aspects of the things going on and happening all fall to its position to learn and shape our own beings. To be Gray is to be the middleground and the intellectual IN MY OPINION.

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i didntget to edit my post

i didntget to edit my post sorry it sounds like it is pieced wrong

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I'm a natural born traditional Grey Crone. Taught the ways since I was young with the ability to "download" direct from source.
I thank the powers that be that I'm not white. I like being able to protect my friends; banish bad entities to whence they came from; and "bibbity bobbity boo" someone when they deserve it and not have to pretend do it with love.
I'm sorry I don't believe that you can deal with a spirit that has been tormenting and hurting people for years by "releasing it in love" with sincerity.
My views but the reason I'm proud to be Grey.

Fay Hebe
Becoming a Gray Witch

since i'm new to this path but i've been called by it since years, i wasn't aware of Gray Witches, only of black and white magick. never had the occasion or the courage before to fulfill my calling towards the Craft, even though some people saw through me great abilities (still working on finding them). so far, being a Gray for me, is keeping a balance between light and dark, assuming yourself in your practices, and also having the possibility of defending yourself against harm, no matter what. you can find light in the darkness, and shadow in the light, and it's way better than everything being total black or total white - anyways i don't see life itself like that. Magick is like life - all shades of Gray, and keeping a balance as a Gray Witch is super important in this crazy world. i saw passing by on facebook, someone saying we are guardians of the Balance - i think it is true, somewhat.

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Gray to me

I have ALWAYS believed that I would " do what I had to do " to protect myself and mine ( family and friends ). Recently finding my path has lead me right here where that same belief holds true. I don't necessarily go looking for trouble , but I damn sure will NOT back down from it either . I love as fiercely as I defend and know that there are "exceptions" to every rule. You have to be strong enough to handle the consequences of your actions -"good" or "not ". "Gray" isn't fluffy.

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