A Harem Boy's Saga - A TRUE erotic tale!

For a second time, I'm hosting the delightful and oh-so-tantalizing, Young, author of the Harem Boy's Saga series.  These books are a true telling of Young's life. I've read them and LOVE them.  It's a lot like reading Anne Rice's Beauty series.  It's shocking but beautiful in it's own way.  So, I bring to you a Q & A with my beloved friend.  Leave a comment to let us know you stopped by!

How did you come to writing?

Four years ago, after I closed my fashion boutique in Honolulu, I decided it was time to document my positive adolescent life experiences that I’ve kept under wraps for close to 40 years. That’s when A Harem Boy’s Saga; a memoir by Young (my pen-name) series was born.  An inner calling told me to document my unique education and now, is the correct moment to tell my story.

* Other factors that influenced me to write A Harem Boy’s Saga; a memoir by Young (my pen-name), a seven book series are - through my autobiography I hope to:

·             Provide Tolerance to Sissy Boys by educating parents/peers and the community to love and respect effeminate boys.

Anderson Cooper 360 documentary on the devastating treatment of effeminate boys influence me to tell my story.

·             Avoid Bullying through Big Brother/Big Sister volunteer programs in schools or outside the school system. Older students can act as mentors to younger students. Much like the experience I went through in my unique education.

·            Tolerance to Gay Adolescent - to improve parents/child/siblings relationship issues.

Support/mentorship program/programs to all parties involved, to foster understanding and acceptance of Gay teenagers.

·           Provide an Alternative Educational System:

Fostering understanding Big-Brother/Big-Sister adolescent mentorship programs in schools, BB/BS as protectors to keep younger kids from being bullied.

·        Provide Human Relationship Building Programs;

Between parents/teachers and young students on sexual topics/issues, especially when an adolescent is discovering their sexuality. They can be guided on a healthy and honest sexual journey instead of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” - hide it in the closet policy.

How did you come up with your stories?

Writing a memoir or an autobiography is vastly different from writing a fictional novel. I’m writing about events, situations and emotional feelings that had happened; of ‘remembrance of things past.’ My outline, inspirations come from an abundance of old photographs, journals/diaries I had kept during the various periods of my life. In the books, I’ve changed the names and places to protect myself and those involved, the experiences and events that happened are true. The creative part of my writing are in the dialogue throughout the books. Although I am able to remember the overall gist of what was said, I had to make up the dialogue since it’s been over 40 odd years since these events/situations occurred.

 You have created great characters. Which one is your favourite?

My characters are real people. This autobiography is also a love story between my chaperone/Valet, Andy and me. Therefore I would say that my favourite character is Andy (my ex-lover).

What is your main reason for writing?

·                    First and foremost: to document my unique and controversial (to many) adolescent educational experiences. To be educated in at the Art of Sensuality and Sexuality at a young age.

·                    Secondly: to tell my positively enlightening experiences spend in six different Middle Eastern extremely elite/wealthy male harems/households and my induction into an illuminating sexual secret society (I called E.R.O.S. – Enlightened Royal Oracle Society in my books).

·                    Thirdly: on the contrary to what mainstream society thinks of harem life, I like to make clear that not all harem recruits are slaves (sold into slavery), abused or treated badly. My harem experiences and sexual education are completely the opposite. I was treated with love, respect and most importantly, I did not do perform any sexual services against my will.

What are the best and the worst aspects of writing?

I enjoy and embrace all aspects of writing. What I don’t particularly enjoy is the promotional and marketing of the books once they are out in the marketplace. It’s time consuming and takes my time away  from writing.

How do you balance marketing one book and writing the next?

Yes. That slows down the process of writing. I’ll rather concentrate fully on writing and hire a full-time publicist to market my books. 

What do you do when you don’t write?

I exercise (Zumba, Barre-work, weight training, swimming and hiking), go to movies, entertain (private dinner parties), paint, photography, fashion designing and travel to exotic locales.


* Again, I highly recommend reading these books. Especially for LGBTQ boys who are struggling with self acceptance. Young is someone to strive to be like and to admire.  Links to his books and to connect with Young himself are below.  Grab a drink, dim the lights, and have a sensual night reading these exotic tales of lust and love!


If you live in the US, you can grab a copy of Young's books on Amazon HERE. If you live in the UK, you can grab your copies HERE.

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