Little Creepers is here!


I am a HUGE fan of Jesica Walsh's work! She and her Wifey (as they lovingly refer to one another on social media) are an asset to the creative world as a whole. In between Cons, Cosplay, and saving the world from bigoted people everywhere, they put out some terrific books! Case in point - LITTLE CREEPERS! Check out the book blurb below and grab yourself a copy via the links provided. This horor anthology would be a great addition to any book lover's collection. Check out all of their work  on their website HERE.


Back of book blurb:

Fear isn’t always loud. It doesn’t always scream or announce itself with a loud thud on the closet door. Sometimes it creeps, slithers and crawls. Sometimes it’s waiting in the shadows, whispering as you pass by. These stories may not scare you, but one or two whispers may just burrow into the back of your brain. They may make you shiver at night and consider, for just a moment, that maybe you left the front door unlocked and maybe those were footsteps you heard inside. Little Creepers contains 14 short stories, written by Jessica Walsh, meant to creep and crawl up your spine.


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