Magick on the Go!

I'm moving this summer.  My husband is an active duty Soldier and the Army is moving us to Fort Lewis in Washington State.  We're all pretty excited about the change of scenery and the move itself.  I'm looking forward to having city life available to me, as much as I love the country, I yearn for museums and the hustle and bustle of cities. Where we're going, there's an amazing mix of nature and urban living.

Yesterday, I spent the majority of the afternoon organizing my "Witchy supplies". I simply can't stomach the idea of movers coming in and touching my alter, my candles, or my bags full of herbs.  I set out to organize it all and realized how much I had. Almost 2 suitcases full! How the hell did that happen?  I'm not big on "tools" of the craft.  I use whatever is at my disposal as the need arrives.  But as I packed away candles of an assortment of colors, stones, bones, herbs, and other random bits - I realized I had way more than I thought.  Have you ever done a "Magickal Inventory"?  I retired some items that were unnecessary and found I was missing certain things (orange candles....where are you?) But I'd never really put it all out and looked it over.  I can't remember why I collected certain things, I just know that I need them. I found an amazing heart shaped rock I forgot I had. A whole bag of dried Wormwood was collecting dust. And as I added my lightening struck wood to the pile, I felt reconnected to everything.

So connected that I never packed it up. I couldn't. I just organized it, reminded myself it was there, and put it all back. I'll repack it later as the move day gets closer.

Then I wondered about what items I could take on the road with me. Should I travel with a Magick-On-The-Go kit?  Space is limited (really limited) in the car as we drive 2,000 + miles to the West Coast.  We'll be camping every single night in a new place.  Then the thought struck me, why bother? I'll be surrounded by new plants, rocks, trees, spirits - I'll have magickal supplies everywhere I go! It was a gentle reminder not to get caught up in the trap of needing tools and specific material items to be a practitioner. I can make due with what Nature gives me.  I plan on refueling my soul by waking with the sun and doing my morning meditations outside, swimming in every available lake/river/stream I come across because I want to, and taking an ass load of pictures so that I remember everything forever.  (Want to follow along as I keep my pictorial journal?  I have an official Instagram HERE.)

I'm really looking forward to leaving and starting this new chapter. But I plan on enjoying the journey, not just the destination. I'm really lucky to get this opportunity and I plan on making the most of it. I hope you decide to come back and visit, or follow on Instragram/FB/Twitter to enjoy it with me.