Meet author Palvi Sharma!

Author Palvi Sharma visits the blog today to tell us about her spooky book, AADITA. This super creepy sounding book is available now on Amazon Kindle. Support indie authors and small publishing houses by finding your new favorite author and sharing their book with friends. Read on to for details on AADITA...


What's your book about?

Raina Winters was being bullied at school. On top of everything, she was being neglected by her family and punished by her Uncle who seems determined to reform her. It is when she finds an old photograph of a girl, that Raina discovers that her family has been hiding a terrible secret.But unraveling the mystery won’t be easy, especially since the ghost of the girl seems intent on hurting her.

Raina must unravel the mystery before she becomes the next victim of the family curse.

Please tell the readers about the world you've created. What kind of universe is it?

Winters Town is a place named after the Winters family as their ancestors were the founding fathers. It’s a quiet little conservative town, a place where women are still thought to be inferior and lack the freedom to do as they wish.

The town has a small population and the Winters family owns the largest property there which consists of a manor overlooking a lake.

When Raina visits the town to see her ailing grandfather, she finds herself strangely attracted to the lake and notices her grandfather eyeing the lake as well.

Clearly it is no ordinary lake.

Let's get to know the main character!

The story is told from the point of view of Raina Winters, a troubled teenager who has a hard time coping at school and at home in Willow City.

Dealing with weight issues, she’s ridiculed by her classmates. Not finding any support from her family, she resorts to acting out and vandalism. She has anger issues that result from being neglected and ridiculed by the people around her. Her Uncle, a former military man, is determined to reform her but Raina misconstrues his concern and behaves impudently.

It is only when her aunt passes away that she bonds with her uncle.

What is the biggest obstacle Raina Winters has to face?

Her bullies. Raina is being bullied maliciously by her classmate Mallika. Then there’s this family secret that comes to light when she sees Aadita’s ghost. She is shocked to discover her relation to her and even more so when she discovers what really happened to Aadita.

However, tackling a vengeful ghost is never easy and when Raina is put in a perilous position, she realizes she needs to unravel her family’s mystery ASAP.

The "bad guys" are always my favorite to learn about. Tell us about yours...

Raina’s nemesis is of course Mallika. Just when she thought she had gotten rid of her after graduating from high school, it turns out that Mallika is attending the same college as her!

To make matters worse, the boy Raina is interested in, Ahan, is actually Mallika’s boyfriend.

Raina desperately wants to tell Ahan the truth about his girlfriend but Mallika threatens her. It is later that Raina discovers that Mallika also runs a hate blog about her and spreads disgusting rumors about her.

Mallika is mean spirited and shows no remorse for tormenting Raina.

This is a stand alone novel and available now. You can purchase it on Amazon HERE

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