Peek behind the curtain...

Last night I posted a sneak peek of the W.I.P (work in progress), VASHA - The second companion novella to the Earth's Magick series.  If you're caught up on the  series, you'd know our sly little devil, Vasha, is quite the character. His skin is blue - as blue as the summer sky.  The top portion of his body is that of a man. The bottom is that of a lion (a blue lion). He has four arms. Vasha loves all things beautiful and will flirt you down to your underoos lickity split.  He'll either entertain you or make you extremely uncomfortable - that depends on you. 

Just as Wyatt did with Decker, he sits down with Vasha and gets his entire life story. All 2,000 plus years of it.  Where Decker's story was about battles and adventures, Vasha's is about love and passion.  Quite the divergence from what I normally write, let me tell you. But to stay true to my beloved blue friend, I must write the tale he dictates - not what I'm comfortable with. Here's the sneak peek of VASHA: The Second Companion Novella to the Earth's Magick Series.

My tale begins the same as my brother’s, however, once I left our little cave by the valley, my life took a very different turn.”

“Okay. But something confuses me…”

“Already? Oh dear.” Vasha said with a smile while Wyatt laughed.
“Decker said that, after Azul took off, you were the next to go and that you,” he checked his paper again to ensure he was correct. “Took off in the middle of the night along with almost everything in the home. That right?”
“It is.” He answered with a nod.
“Why did I leave? Or why did I take all of our things?”
“I left because my sisters were gone. I missed them so. I was young. Far younger in both years and maturity than my brethren. I needed my sisters, you see. I have always needed someone to care for me. It is my flaw.” He said holding out his arms.
“You don’t have any flaws, Vasha.” Wyatt teased.
“You flatter me. Nevertheless, I was merely sad. That was a confusing time for me, you understand. The Darkness had bewitched us so thoroughly that I no longer trusted my sisters or my brothers. I felt truly alone. When I left, I was angry. I was the only one who cared about the lovely rugs they made for us. Or the pretty baskets they spent all day weaving. It was a petty thing, I grant you, but there it is.” He leaned to the side and tucked another pillow beneath him.
“I see. So you left one night while they slept, from what Decker said. Where did you go first?” Wyatt asked with his pencil poised over the paper prepared to write.
“Decker’s history is filled with adventure and war, is it not? Mine, mine is filled with a whole other type of thing. Are you certain you wish to hear what I have to tell you?”
“Very well, I shall hold nothing back from you. I am not ashamed of my past nor do I wish for any of it to have turned out any different. I am thankful, you see, for the life I have lived. It has made me into the beast I am today.”
“Why do you call yourself a beast?”
“Why not? I am, my darling, a beast of the worst sort. You will see why I say this, if my physique does not already prove it to you.”
“I’m ready when you are. I’m not scared, you blue devil.” He said with a wink.
“Very well, but you must promise me one thing,” Wyatt nodded. “You will not judge me on what I tell you of my past. I, like all others walking this earth, have made grave mistakes. I request that you do not hold this against me.”
“Scout’s honor.” Wyatt said and crossed his heart with his finger.
“What a peculiar pledge. You asked of the night I left, yes?” Wyatt nodded and began to write. Vasha took a hefty puff from his long pipe and blew the smoke into beautiful rings. “I traveled from my first home with a sense of excitement and wonder. For I had never been beyond the valley that lay at the foot of our cave home...


Check back often here, FB, or Twitter for a release date!  The amazingly talented Dustin Compton (who brought Decker to life for the cover of his book) will be once again doing his magick and bringing us Vasha! I'm beyond excited to see what that will look like.  Check his work out here: