Release Party Invitation!

There's a party and you're all invited!   

May 27th - all day long - there is a release party on Facebook to celebrate DECKER. You can see the event HERE. Just click the 'Join' button and you'll get the notifications about each contest! There will be lots of FREE goodies up for grabs. Feel free to invite your book-loving friends as well. Here's a list of the lovely fantasy authors who've graciously offered FREE copies of their books as prizes:

Kate Marie Collins

D.M. Sears

Nat Russo

Margo Bond Collins

D.A. Batta

Snow Tigra

Kelly D. Abell

Penny Brown Estelle

RJ Brousseau

Imogene Ashton

Rival Gates

Matt Grawitch

The list grows everyday, so be sure and check back for more!  There will also be awesome Earth's Magick Swag up for grabs as well. Don't miss out and share with your friends.  6 days and counting! Comment below and let me know if you're coming and which FREE book you're most excited about trying to win.