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Yes...there are rules to the forums. I'm all for a bit of chaos, however, we've got to have some law and order. are rules:

1.) No SPAM. It'll get deleted and you booted off.

2.) No fighting. Seriously, I hate arguments. There's a way to have a discussion without getting your undies in a knot.

3.) No bashing of anyone. Ever.

4.) No preaching. Ever.

5.) Never accuse anyone of not having pancake mix. It's just rude. ;-)


Pattie Carter
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will do


Bisquick or bust!


I like your rule. Simple and to the point. Also, very easy to abide by.

April Page Smith
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Will do

Will do

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Well you just took all the

Well you just took all the fun out of it Mel...I mean seriously? I cant preach? And you really do have NO PANCAKE MIX...but we still love you, its ok...and no fighting? Oh what will I do with my time?? Sighhhh LOL

The daft one

NO FIGHTING!!!! Geesh! Now what am I gonna do?

vampire lover
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ok I'm good with it

ok I'm good with it

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