So...What are your books about?

What are your books about?

I get that question ALL the time. My answer, normally, depends on the person who asks.  If it's a random person, I usually say, "An urban fantasy with Witches and monsters!"  Which is totally true.  It really is an urban fantasy with Witches and monsters.  But there's a lot more to it than that. 

Mela is a girl from a small Texas town, Trinity Hills. It's a totally made up place, however, folks I grew up with have noticed some eerie similarities to Trinity Hills and where we grew up. If you're from a small town, anywhere in the US, you know there is a veeeeerrrrryyy delicate balance to small town politics. Don't stand out. Don't rock the boat. Don't go against the grain... the list is endless. Mela becomes a Witch in the first book. Kind of by accident. Like...a for real, fire shooting out of her hands, hanging out with a Voodoo Priestess type Witch. She's pretty powerful. Not at first, mind you. At first she's...well she's the product of her environment. She has to deal with the constant fear someone will find out about her new path.  Are you from a small town? Can you sympathize with Mela's dilemma here? She's still in the proverbial "broom closet".

She meets the Titan Goddess, Hecate, Queen of the Witches. She sips wine with the lusty Pan. She learns from them both and in turn, becomes a better person. And a better Witch. She learns what her duties are from her spirit guide (who has a secret of his own). You know, the traditional fictional hero's quest. It's a doozy. Find four ancient, part-human girls who are hidden by magick. And oh yeah,  they have four brothers who will be out to get her that are ancient killers. Oh but the twists and turns that she must endure is what makes this tale. So I won't tell what happens next. ;-)

Book 1 is called ~Earth~. Grounded, green. Basic and primal. She learns the basics to Witchcraft in this book. She starts down the path that will take her, and the rest of the gang, on many adventures. My hope is, readers will want to continue reading the series and go on the adventure with her. I hope the readers find the ancient stories that are based on real mythos, intriguing. I hope the readers come to love her best friend, Wyatt. I hope they adore Connie, the Voodoo priestess, as much as I do. I hope they cheer Mela's budding romance with the handsome Doctor Todd. There's so much I hope the readers connect with and come to love.

The first companion novel,DECKER, came out and it tells his life story. (He's over 2,000 years old and has had an amazing life.) Book 2 will be ~Water~. Change, times of calm then times of rapids. Book 2 is a wild ride! Mela really comes into her own in that book. Pan makes another appearance as well as some new characters. One I'm most excited about is the male Witch who should represent the manly Witches out there. And of course, new bad guys and lots of things lurking in the dark. So, if you want to know what the Earth's Magick Series is about... It's about magick. The magick of a girl, the magick of Witches, the magick of friendship, the magick of love, the magick of forgiveness, and the magick of the Old Gods.

If you're interested in grabbing a copy of EARTH'S MAGICK ~Earth~ Visit the book section on this website and it will give you the links to all the different places you can get a copy.