Street Teams & Secret Societies


Do you know what a Street Team is? It was originally meant for underground bands to spread the word about their next gig, album or upcoming concert.  The trend has slowly migrated into other realms of the entertainment industry. Authors now have Street Teams as well. At first, I wondered at this phenomenon and watched as others boasted about their Teams. What was the point? I wondered to myself...

Until the day I noticed how a single Facebook post from a friend who read Earth's Magick caused a group of people to comment with interest about the book. Where were these people when I"m out there promoting my rear-end off? But here's the rub - Word of mouth is the number one way people find books they might like. They might've seen a dozen posts/Tweets/interviews about Earth's Magick but that's all white noise to them. A trusted friend saying they genuinely enjoyed it? That's gold.

So, I did my usual overabundance of research and started my own little Street Team. The Elementai Secret Society. But who would join and why? I felt kind of...arrogant...asking people to come love my books and tell other people about them.  My finger hovered over the 'Enter' key for a long time before I hit send. I shrugged my shoulders and decided to see what happened. Oh boy...

By the end of the first day, I received messages from people who were interested in joining. Holy crap, who would've seen that coming? I started a private FB group and sent them all invites. We spent the first week or so getting to know one another and had a blast talking about everything you can imagine. By that time, I was able to know them well enough to (meekly) offer up the first Street Team "mission".  I requested that they simply post on FB and/or Twitter that they'd read Earth's Magick and they enjoyed it. I wanted to see what would happen. 24 hours later they all posted and I watched as my book fell in ranking on Amazon. People were buying it! I'm not talking about millions of copies but damn, for a new author, any sales are well received. The power of the Street Team was proving to be pretty incredible.

Weeks later, I don't only have a Street Team, I have a group of friends. They cheer each other on, give each other advice, help me name characters, listen to me bitch, we send positive thoughts to ones looking for jobs or have in-laws visiting. They post daily funny stuff that I honestly look forward to every single day.  By now, I'm not meek in asking them to do things and they're not meek in asking for me to hurry the hell up writing! I send them goodies in the mail, free books, and they will each have a character named after them. (Not sure if they know this part or not. Surprise!) They've helped get my books on different online distributing sites, libraries, and bookstores. We may or may not be successful in every venture but we're a Team when we try.cheeky

So, if you're an author sitting on the fence about the idea of a Street Team, consider giving it a try. If you're a fan of an author, why not see if they have a Street Team you can join? I'm thankful for mine everyday. With the release day for DECKER creeping ever closer, I'm comforted by the idea that I won't be going it alone. I have amazing friends now, who happen to be on my Street Team.

A huge thank you to the members of The Elementai Secret Society: Indigo, Scarlet, Patti, Kady, Chris, Renee, Denise, Natalie & the multitude of groups out there that offer their assistance.

If you're interested in joining the ESS email me via the 'Contact' tab on the website.

If you love a book, tell your friends about it.





Indigo's picture

OK...So I think we all know I am the nosy one (or is that Denise?...anyway..) By having a character named after us...does that mean Indigo the cat will be making another appearance? LOL...sorry, I had to :P Love ya Chica!!

Mel's picture

Maybe....or would you rather be bipedal this time? :-P

Indigo's picture

Ill just remain a cat...thanks....LOL

Thank you Mel, we love you too. And I can honestly promise that if other authors try to unjustly hurt your sales, (as I've seen done), i will take it personally.



I can honestly say it has been a pleasure helping out. Not only is your book wonderful, you are too. Everyone in our team is so inviting and nice, it's refreshing. Thank you Mel for all that you do for us and thanks everyone for always giving me something to smile about.

Pattie Carter's picture

I love helping out. It gives me something to do and be useful. You are a great person and I will be there for what ever you need

Scarlet Moon's picture

Characters named after us??!! Oh hell! Anyway, I love helping out on facebook and Twitter. You better remember us when you get all big and famous!!

Natalie Barr's picture

Thank you Mel, you are a great writer and friend and I consider myself lucky to have crossed paths with you. I love being part of your team and thanks for the surpise mentioned in your blog I had bo idea.
love you and smoochs too!

Mel's picture

See what I mean? I love these Sexy Witches so freaking much. :-)