They freak me out, okay?

What really freaks you out? Like, what makes those little hairs on your arms and neck stand at attention while the  butterflies in your gut start to dance? Spiders? Clowns? For me, it's aliens. I'm serious guys, aliens creep me the hell out. Why? First, they're tiny little creatures with big, empty eyes that remind me of sharks. They don't belong here. If they're real, they aren't natural. Know what I mean? Spiders, I'm totally cool with because - although creepy - they are an important part of nature. Clowns? Meh. They're odd if you think about it but aren't we all? But aliens. C'mon guys. They flutter about in spooky looking ships that defy science, they kidnap humans, and have creepy ass faces.  They do, check it out :

Oh, Hollywood can try to make them the "good guys" by making them cute or funny but I'm onto them. I won't buy into that propaganda. They are unnatural creatures that are the source of terror for me. They always have and always will be. But what does that have to do with anything? Well, I'm a writer. I like to use all the tools at my disposal and one of those tools is my own terror. When I need an evil entity that tracks my main characters, I will pull out some stock photos of aliens and creep myself out.  ::shudders:: That's how I am able to write something that scares the jeebus out of Mela - I stare at aliens. The way they move, the empty eyes - all of it is fodder for my stories. Since I loathe them with every fiber of my being, I can make them as unforgiving as I want. I can create a culture and demolish that shit just as fast. I can have Vasha rip them in half and feel nothing but triumph.  (Yes, this happens) I think tapping into my own terror inducing fears makes my stories better. I can write from a genuine place when telling how a cold sweat feels when they turn to look at her. (No, an alien has never looked at me but I can imagine that shit and it is not a pleasant experience!) 


So, horror/paranormal writers, figure out what moves you. Not what you think people will identify with but what makes your heart beat faster and your palms drip with sweat. Then, you can write from an honest place. The adjectives will be plentiful and the emotions will overwhelm. Now, I'm gonna go get a drink. Tell me in the comments what scares you!