What's next for Mela?

Well, book 2 has been out for a few weeks and I couldn't be happier with the feedback I've gotten from EARTH'S MAGICK fans.  Boy did things change for our favorite Texas Witch. (If you haven't read the book yet, this would be a good time to stop reading. SPOILERS!!)

I've had a number of readers who now love Vasha (almost) as much as our beloved Decker.  We have new members to the backyard gang! Owen, the deliciously surly Witch who seems smitten with Mela. Layla, that bubbly Witch who proved she can hold her own when pressed. We saw more angels, the powerful Connie, and the town's Pastor now knows Mela is more than a simple country girl.  What could possibly go wrong?

Book 2 leaves us with the knowledge that the Black-Eyed creatures are the least of their problems. There are many forces out there promising to bring Asag back from the depths of the Underworld.  This could mean serious trouble if Mela doesn't hone her magick - soon.

With that said, Mela now has new Witches around her willing to teach and elevate her as a Witch. Book 3 is outlined and, I have to say, this one will be difficult to write. Life takes a difficult turn for Mela and the gang - How they cope will shape the rest of the series. In the meantime, I'm currently writing VASHA, The Second Companion novella to the series.  Full disclosure, I have to drink a glass or two of wine before tackling this project. Vasha is so...sexual. He's is complex and manipulative. But oh-so-much fun!

** News**

The EARTH'S MAGICK books are now available on Books A Million! Check it out HERE.

Thank you to everyone who has stuck with Mela and the gang so far.  Your support and love for the characters warms my heart. I love reading your messages, posts to the page, and reviews. I also love to hear your theories, so keep 'em coming!  Come visit on FB or Twitter to meet other readers. Or, jump on the forums on this website and we can talk about all things Witchy!