Writers Workout

Guys, I get it. We love to sit with our laptop and play on the internet write our books. Hours of plotting stories, writing words, and promotions keep us rather sedentary. It isn't healthy guys.  Sitting in front of a computer screen for hours on end promotes inactivity that can lead to a bottomless pit of health issues. Which, in turn, keeps us from writing our stories. Crazy loop, right?

In January, I made a huge life altering decision. After a hard look at myself in the mirror and where I was creatively, I made the decision to step down from my position as Editor with Solstice Publishing. Let me be clear: I loved working with Solstice. I learned so much, made new friends, and was inspired daily by fellow authors . But I wasn't happy with myself. I tried to make it to the gym as much as possible. (My Twitter followers might remember #GymTweets) But it was always stressful. I would go for a few days then cringe at the amount of work I could have been doing in that time. Then I would stay home the following weeks and work. All the while, feeling guilty about not being at the gym. Sheesh.

Once upon a time, I was a professional dancer. Ballet, Jazz, and contemporary. Later in my career, I turned to teaching and loved it very much until life got in the way. I abandoned that part of my life. Well, in January, I took a position with a local dance company teaching little dancers. My youngest students are 18 months. My oldest are teenagers. My classes are just shy of an hour a piece and I teach 8 -10 a week. That's right, I'm working 8 - 10 hours a week. The rest of the time? I'm writing!

My problem wasn't that my job was too hard or that I couldn't make it to the gym. My problem was balance. My work and creative lives were not balancing and it was sending me into a spiral of not writing and skipping the gym to boot. Yes, dancing is incredibly hard and physically demanding. (Boy is it ever!) But my body and my mind finally have found balance. Now, I'm not saying everyone needs to a job dancing or working at the gym. No sir. What I am saying is that writers need to balance all of the aspects in our lives in order to keep our creative processes healthy. Step away from the computer screens on a regular basis. Get outside and take a walk. Go to the gym. Join a Zumba or dance class. Heck, Karate is pretty awesome too! Whatever it is you decide to do, for your writing and sanity, set aside time to balance yourself with physical activity. Your ideas will come faster. Your inspiration will be limitless. Your characters will flourish.


Happy writing!